FOL Book Give-Away and Software Freedom Day, Sept 10, 2005

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Thanks Everyone for Helping with the Software Freedom and Book Give-away at Mount Rainier Public Library !!

Warm Thanks to PGCMLS, especially Ms. Deborah Davis and Staff; City of Mount Rainier, esp. Jeannelle Wallace, Vijay Manjani, Janis Lomax, and Luther Smith; Mount Rainier Day Committee, esp. Robert Taylor and Ophelia Baxter; Riverdale Bookstore, esp. Simon Plog; Community Vision, esp. Steven Shaff; Office of Congressman Chris Van Hollen, esp. Robert Friedman and Michelle; Edubuntu Work Group, including Jeff Elkner, Paul Flint, K.C. Jones, Bruce, and Kevin Cole; Face Painters Extraordinare, Alex (Morton) & Parcy (Suvanasai), assisted by Irrin Suvanasai; Mount Rainier Youth Corps, esp. Yesenia Campos, Antonio Lucas, and Luis Campos; FOL Board Member Anthony Hall; With SPECIAL THANKS to Delegate Victor Ramirez and County Councilmember Will Campos!

Photos By : MSust Site Meter