To: William Law, Vice President for Operations, Artspace Projects, Inc

From: Fred Sissine, President, Friends of the Library (FOL)

Re: Draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Date: December 1, 2001

This letter introduces a draft MOU that defines key aspects of a collaborative library development effort involving Artspace and FOL, with supportive roles for other primary stakeholders. The document's structure follows an MOU prepared for the Portland library project and its design aspects are based on October 31 drawings of the library design concept. The draft MOU was reviewed by PGCMLS staff on November 8 and it was reviewed/marked up by the City Council on November 27. We recognize that the draft is longer than you requested, but we felt a need to clarify stakeholder responsibilities (individual and joint), management and coordination strategies, community service aspects, and financial/lease arrangements.

We look forward to a broader and deeper working relationship with Artspace. We believe the plans for the branch Library and the Library Center offer an extraordinary opportunity for all stakeholders. There are many valuable aspects for commercial and residential tenants, and there are several strong selling points for external audiences, including public and private funding sources. Some key selling points include:

Given the above selling points, we highlight the following points from the draft MOU:

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