Friends of the Mount Rainier Library

Friends of the Mount Rainier Library


FOL Testimony. Senate Committee on Budget and Taxation. March 9, 2006. SB414 and HB591

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Old Police Station and Library

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Comcast Fiber Optic Wiring, 4-24-05

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Mount Rainier Library Power Point Presentation, KGP Design Studio, 3-10-05, (24.0 MB file)

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March 10 architect's presentation and subsequent roundtable discussion. Letter to Mayor and City Council

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Public Design Forum 12/15/04

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Library Roof Leak: Update As of February 21, 2004

On Tuesday February 3 the library was open. Library Staff Member Deborah Davis found that water was pouring into the room and into light fixtures. The light fixtures began to smoke on the 4th. Until Public Works Director Mr. Ed Gabay disconnected the circuit for the effected lights, the branch remained closed. Now that there's no danger to anyone, they are in business as usual.

Some photos (taken Feb. 10) of these leaks are shown in the "Interior Images" on the FOL web site at Also, photos of the roof (taken Feb. 11) are show in the "Exterior Images" on the FOL web site.

At the February 10 work session, City Manager Jeannelle Wallace informed the Council about the leaking roof. There was no objection to her proposal to start repairs immediately. On February 11 the signed proposal was faxed to the roof repairers. On February 17 the roof was temporarily repaired. On February 18 the electrician came and the lights are working.

The county library administration is concerned that during rain or melting conditions, active leaks make the facility inoperable and that the library's collections of books and other media are at risk of costly damage.

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Click Here Gazette Article, Friends of the Library Seek Out New Site

Seeking to Turn a Page on Disrepair After Languishing for Years, the District's
Libraries Are Getting New Attention

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Status of Artspace / Library Designs

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Status of Community Legacy Mount Rainier Library $200,000.00 Grant, GCDC Termination Letter

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Prepared by BFM Architects, April 3, 2003. Two drawings illustrate 2,500 square foot facility for the old police/library/city hall site.

(1) BFM Archietects, Plan view front (April 3/2003)

(2) BFM Archietects, Plan view shows 2,500 square foot layout, that could be expanded to 3,500 sf.(April 3/2003)

Memo to Council (June 14, 2003)

FY2003 City Funding Request: Additional Background and Follow-up Response to Council Questions at April 16 Worksession. (April 20, 2002)

FOL Letter to Council (January 31, 2003)

Letter from City Manager (Received January 4, 2003

Governor Glendening, $200,000. Community Legacy Project Award - Library, January 16,2002

Mount Rainier Library Charette (2001)

Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) Library Program Elements, May 2001

Hearing on SB898 "Mount Rainier Library" before the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. (March 12, 2001)

Draft Memorandum of Understanding between Artspace Projects, Inc and Mount Rainier/Friends of the Library (Letter) December 1, 2001

Presentation at Charette on Library/Police Station Building, March 18, 2000

Friends of the Mount Rainier Library & Artspace Special Meeting, January 16, 2000

Mount Rainier Library and County Budget Crisis March 17, 1995

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